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Why Should I Join?

You don't need to be a winner.

We recognise potential and are willing to nurture it.

All you need to be is committed to Building Our World.


Top-level industry leaders, decision-makers, experts, and serial entrepreneurs and innovators, will be in attendance and reviewing submissions entered. 

They come from a range of backgrounds, from Ex-Military to Private Equity, from Sustainable Energy to Global Policy.

Those participating will be able to interact with mentors and advisors on a closer level, gaining insight, guidance and depth of experience privy only to those who reside in higher echelons.

Find out more about our mentors here, and our advisors here.


At BOW, we have full-stack software and hardware prototyping and AI demographic validation resources at your disposal for the further development of your ideas.

These resources have been developed by our engineers in-house, and are freely available to those whose ideas are deemed worthy for further development.



With the type of project you propose to change the world, you may find it more appropriate to apply for a grant, seek investment from angel investors, or undergo an acceleration or Venture Building program to create the future you want to see.


Regardless of whatever you do, you require funding, choosing the right investor crucial. Investment is not just money. Investment is support, doors opened, referrals made, and access to opportunities money sometimes can’t buy. These all cumulate in a runway set out for your success.

At BOW, we have professional connections with investors who trust us around the world in any industry vertical, from an extensive network of Angel Investors to Singaporean Venture Capitals to Pan-Asian Investment funds with billions of dollars in their AUM.

Showcase your ideas and we will work together with you to curate, then personally recommend you to the appropriate investor, accelerator, or venture builder.

As an added benefit, we are also providing the top three ideas of each problem statement cash prizes of SGD 3,000, 2000, and 1,000 respectively.

Regardless of winning, we are here as a community for you to learn, grow, and most importantly, solve the problems that will define the brightness of our future.

Cash Prizes